Welcome to Everything. Yes, That is how regex works. My name is Aniket. This is my first post. Just a Developer thing. Habit to checking something abstractly before making any major changes.

Maybe you are thinking that who buy domain like dotstar.xyz to write blogs about technology? I really got confuse when sat down to buy domain.I don’t want to waste my time and  end up buying this domain. Believe me, I have no regrets.: ) Because Domain does not represent anything I can use this domain with everything. I’m trying so hard to make it fun and Creating value of my investment. BTW, Domain name is inspired from regex. .*  represent string made of anything possibility of characters.

In here I will talk about everything I experience with technology I used, Problems I face and solutions I discovered. Mostly I will talk about cloud computing, machine learning which is something I’m learning and interested in and the stock-market and the strange ideas.

Thank you to spend your time to read hello world post. You are just like me because usually, I start my book reading everything from beginning to end, I mean literally just EVERYTHING!

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Aniket Patel

Bright, Breezy and comartist.

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