Most of you familiar with running celery framework and RabbitMq combination to run asynchronous tasks. If you not a python developer still you can go through this article to get ideas related to AWS Lamda.

Introduction of AWS Lamda

I think lambda function is the “Branmastra” of cloud computing because there are many requirements which can be satisfied with this service. The most beautiful thing about lambda function is you do not have to provide anything other than the code you want to run. AWS will take care of anything from deploying to scaling your code. Another advantage is you are only paying for what you are using (on demand thing comes with many advantages).

Reason to choose Lamda over celery task is you do not have to run instances whole day 24*7. Because most of the things are very small, fluffy tasks that are very small only takes few seconds. With lambda, you can save those dollars. I mean running instances have there own advantages.

For startup at initial phase using on-demand services provide huge advantage. they can save up to 4 digit number in the billings and lambda is one of them comes with ridiculously low pricing.

Let’s come to the point and really understand what is lambda and in what use cases it can be used?

Executing code in response to specific event triggers is a common requirement. In fact, Event-Driven Programming has long been the important approach in Software Development. So if trigger response is used within code on the single system, Why not in the cloud? Amazon recently released Lambda. Lambda will launch AWS resources and execute snippets of code in response to predefined events, automating the management of all of the necessary underlying infrastructure.

If we try to explain in simple terms. Essentially Lamda is sandbox container available to run anything that can be run under 300 seconds. Believe me, That is enough time for tasks.

following are use cases you can use:

  1. To run image convert operations on image and you can upload it in the s3 bucket
  2. you can also use it as the backend services responding to API requests.
  3. lambda function also can be used as the backend for Alexa skill, other same assistant devices
  4. Lamda functions is service from AWS. So, Of course It is tightly integrated with other services of AWS and that opens up lot more possibility for other use cases. for example: running lambda function on SNS, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Cloud Trail and S3.

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